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RTouch 1.0


RTouch is a Windows program that adds "touch" and "recursive touch" commands to the context menu in Windows Explorer (invoked by pressing the right mouse button). If one of these menu items is chosen, the timestamp on all the selected files will be updated to the current time.


RTouch will just go ahead and touch the selected files without warning. There is no dialog to tell the user what will be done, what has been done, what failed, what the new timestamp is, etc.

RTouch will touch readonly, system, and hidden files, unless prohibited by the operating system.

RTouch will touch directory entries under WinNT and Win2000, but not under Win9x.

I assume you have the file MFC42.DLL on your system. If not, it should be available for download somewhere on; check out the latest service pack for your operating system.


Run "RTouch-1.0.exe" from anywhere.

To uninstall, go to "Control Panel|Add/Remove Programs", and select RTouch.


After I finished writing this program, I discovered TouchPro, a shareware program by JD Design. TouchPro adds a tab to the Properties dialog in Windows Explorer, and implements all of the functionality I had been considering for later versions of RTouch. For more information, go to


The latest version of RTouch (binaries and source code) should always be available at SourceForge:


Robert Pyron  <>


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Copyright (c) 2001 Robert L. Pyron

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